Hello Perles


Have you noticed that everything around you seems to go off, and thought that it was only in your area? But then, you figured that trouble is everywhere???

Well hi!!! My name is Reynalde. I’m a 21 years old Caribbean medical student. I’m on a mission to find the pearls in the chaos. Yes I choose to focus on what’s good, and customize what’s not so good to make it work for me.

I love everything related to health, beauty, and fashion. And of course my number one is medicine. Although medical school can be very challenging, it’s all worth it (FYI its one of my pearls).

When I just started medical school I felt lost until I found some AMAZING medical student bloggers and youtubers who basically told me what to expect, and I am so grateful for that.  Now is my turn to do the same.

So, I’m starting this blog to share my experiences, the pearls I’ve found, and what I’ve learned so far in every aspects of life but mostly what I’ve learned through out my journey in medical school.