5 youtube channels medical students should know about

youtube for medical studentsYouTube has been my best friend in medical school, ok this sounds a little too dramatic, but it has definitely been a great source of information, knowledge, and advice. I’m sure you’ve been on YouTube to watch the latest music videos, makeup tutorials, how to’s, or even pranks. However, YouTube is more then that, you’ll find videos about anatomy, physiology, Pathology and more. So here’s a list of 5 YouTube Channels I think can be very helpful to Medical students.


  1. Armando Hasudungan, this guy makes handwritten notes and diagrams to explain the physiology of organs, mechanism of some pathology. It’s pretty cool. I watched them regularly when I had my physiology courses, and I still do when I need to review.
  2. Osmosis. If you’re looking for a short but precise explanation of a medical topic, then you should definitely check out this Channel. I watch their videos whenever I need a quick (5-10 minutes) introduction to any medical concept. It’s also great when you just need a quick review.
  3. DocOssareh. He is more like a “mentor” and has video’s basically explaining the Academic/learning side of being in medical school and being a premed student. He also gives great book recommendations.
  4. AnatomyZone. When I was studying for anatomy I watched almost all the videos that were available on YouTube at that time, but I’m only mentioning this one because it is more consistent and has short videos summarizing every anatomic structure.
  5. Paul Bolin. I’ve recently discovered this channel, and I love it. His videos are more like short and precise lectures with slides and a voiceover explaining certain pathology. He has over 400 videos, so you’ll most likely find what you’re looking for.


I’m glad I could share some of  my “Perles” with you, and hopefully they make your journey in med school a little smoother.