The affordable DIY facemask that you should try

the affordable face mask u should try by findingperles.comHi every one! How you doing? I hope life’s been good to you, and also that your skins been good to you. Well todays post is going to be about my experience with the bentonite clay facemask. It’s not really a facemask on its own. It’s actually a healing clay which can be utilized in many different ways. And as you can guess that I’m striving for beautiful and healthy skin like every other woman. And seeing so many people swearing by it, I thought I should give it a try since its multi purpose and also very affordable. So I got it.

The very first time I used it to make a facemask. And I kept it a very simple, by just adding water. I do suggest keeping it simple when you’re  trying a new DIY face mask. That way you’ll know what works and what doesn’t work. So I kept it simple by adding water to a tablespoon of bentonite clay. It is recommended to only use plastic utensils, so plastic spoon and plastic bowl. Mix it until you achieve a past consistency. Apply as u usually apply your face masks.


the affordable face mask u should try by findingperles.comNow I had quite an interesting first impression. And by interesting, I mean good interesting because you know its working. As any other clay masks it starts to dry after 1 to 2 minutes, and start feeling your face tighten up. I don’t know if it was because of the fan (as u know I live in the Caribbean’s, and its hot all year round so we use fans) but it felt as blood was rushing to my face. And just as it claims, you actually feel your face pulsate. You feel it working. I loved it!


What I loved the most was how my skin felt like after rinsing the mask off. Very extremely soft (I don’t think you say that in English). My skin was still soft 48 hours later.

Although I’ve only used it twice, however I’ve decided to implement it in my skincare routine. What I regret is, the fact that I took too long to try this.

If you can get your hands on it don’t hesitate. I got mine from amazon.

I am not sponsored, and do not have an affiliate link for this, but I do recommend that you give it a try. (its less then $10!)