what’s in my white coat (OBGYN rotation)

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white coatWhat’s in my white coat (Obgyn rotation)?

Hi every one! As I’m on my Obstetric and gynecology rotation, I thought it would be nice to share what’s in my white coat, just to give you an idea of what you might need on your OBGYN rotation. The items I have in my white coat are not necessarily must have items. They are just what I tend to reach for the most, while at the hospital. I have to say that I’m writing this after being at the hospital for a week and that my rotation will last a month, which means that I might not have the same things in may white coat at the end of the third week.

Ill start with the basics;

Pen, Pencil, notebook. the obvious must haves! Because during rotions, the hospital becomes your classroom, you’re learning and taking notes.


My Pocket Obstetrics and Gynecology book. To be honest this is almost never actually in my white coat. Because I’m always using it! I don’t know how I would have done this rotation without this book. I highly recommend it. check out my medical school book haul.


Alcohol Pads. Just to clean some of my stuff; mostly my phone and my stethoscope.


Thermometer sheaths. They are used to put over thermometers to prevent infections and contaminations, and I always have a few in my pocket.


Thermometer. To get the patients temperatures.


My stethoscope. I used to carry my stethoscope over my shoulders, but I’ve recently started carrying it in my white coat pocket. Not that there’s something wrong with carrying it over the shoulders (although I think it looks better that way) I simply wanted to change a little.


Tape measure. I know I said that what I carry in my white coat are not “must haves” but this one is actually a must have in my OBGYN rotation. It comes in very handy when it comes to measuring the fundal height, which is used to determine fetal growth during pregnancy. ( my preceptors do not forgive or approve anyone who sees a pregnant woman and does not measure the fundal height )


Last but not least,

My Phone and headphones. Not to listen to music! But I always like  to have my phone with me to do some research, read some documents/ notes when I have a little down time. I do go on YouTube sometimes when I need a quick overview on a certain topic. I have a post about a few of my favorite YouTube channels for medical students.


Now the thing about carrying stuff in your white coat is that they tend to make it heavy. So, my tip to you will be to pick and choose what you have in your white coat based on your needs.

Question for you :

What’s your white coat must have ?