Easy and affordable DIY coffee body scrub

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Diy coffe body scrub-2 by findingperles.com
DIY coffee body scrub

So, over the Christmas break I went to the Dominican Republic with my family for vacation. We had a great time, as we always do. We spent a day with one of my uncle whom we haven’t seen For God knows how long, and who also happens to own a house there too. It was nice to “meet him again” and spend some time with his family. But, to be completely honest with you guys, all I could remember from this trip was the at home manicure and pedicure session his wife organized for us. I mean who wouldn’t love a free manicure and pedicure!? (Thank you Jacky if you ever read this!)

So the lovely lady who did our pedicure was using a scrub, which happened to be a homemade scrub. So, with the very little Spanish I know I had to ask! “Que es eso??” It smelled like coffee but it was foaming. And she told me what it was, and what was in it.

And here I am now writing a DIY coffee body scrub recipe, because this is too good for me to keep it to myself. And I also want to have it written somewhere for me to refer to in the future.


  • Coffee
  • Oil ( olive/ coconut)
  • Sugar
  • Liquid Soap

Mix all the ingredients into your preferred scrub consistency, then store your scrub in a closed container.

Tip: use a plastic container.