20 women in medicine to follow on Instagram

20 women in medicine to follow on instagram

20 women in medicine to follow on Instagram  


Instagram being the social platform that 1 billion people over 7.6 billion of people on earth uses, there’s no doubt that many of us (women in the medical field) are also using it. I’m not going to lie; it is one of my favorite social media platforms.  I’m not here to praise Instagram, because just like every thing else; there’s a bad side to it. However, it all depends on how you use it. I use instagram as a source of inspiration and motivation, and in order to get that, I follow people whom I think can have a positive influence on me, and inspires me to work harder. As a medical student who’s been using the platform for over five years, I have come across many amazing and inspiring women in medicine. These women are students, interns, residents, MD, RN, PA, NP, and more.  


So here’s a list of 20 women in medicine to follow on Instagram.

1.   @lauralaquer

2.   @elyselovemd

3.   @drrupawon

4.   @dr.majestic_mg

5.   @brownskinderm

6.   @doc_by_day

7.   @nurseclara

8.   @teawithmd

9.    @dr.andreatooley 

10.  @itskendralynne

11.   @the.physicianskitchen

12.   @thekatieduke

13.   @fatimafrancesa

14.    @esteginella 

15.    @drbrittodom

16.     @mahadotcom 

17.      @stephanie_buttermore

18.      @med_kat28 

19.      @cpa.einnob 

20.      @shanny_do 




These women are all unique but in my opinion they all share one goal; that is to be the best that they can be at what they do. 


QUESTION FOR YOU: what is it that you are doing that you want to be the best at?